TreeHouse Favorite: from The Quantum Storey Co.

November 15, 2017

TreeHouse Favorite: from The Quantum Storey Co.

TreeHouse is excited to share with you a new “TreeHouse Favorite”, Operation YOU: Morning Nightmare, launched by The Quantum Storey Co.! The book is supported by virtual reality – the reader can engage using the included VR goggle to “Take the Quantum Leap™” and portal INSIDE the story. The story is then viewed through the reader’s eyes – they become the first person character.

The first Operation YOU title, “Morning Nightmare,” depicts the pitfalls and pressures experienced boarding the school bus. Each Quantum Storey enables the reader to strengthen and build essential skills in a safe virtual world – so they will be more prepared to make better life decisions under the demands and social pressures of the real world.

Each Operation YOU title comes with access to a companion Android and iOS augmented and virtual reality smartphone app for the Google Cardboard platform along with a pair of virtual reality goggles. The flexi-bound books, printed on durable heavy stock and lavishly illustrated by the Visser Bros., are perfect for middle readers and are offered at a $17.49 MSRP with a $12.24 Walmart exclusive sell price.

The product will be available in Walmart and Sam’s Club stores.


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