Diane Wilson

Diane Wilson has spent many years in Arkansas. She went to Highland High School and got a degree in Accounting and Psychology from Arkansas State University where she was recognized as a top student in Psychology. From there she started her career at Walmart.

For 27 years she was with Walmart working in Replenishment for the majority of those years and as an Internal Auditor for 4 years. Diane was recognized with her team as Team of the Year and Team of the Quarter at total of 8 times. She is a wealth of knowledge of replenishment systems and operations and Walmart and will be a great resource to TreeHouse clients.

Diane uses her spare time to enjoy sports, photography and music. Basketball and football are at the top of her list of things to watch. There beside her is her husband, James. Together they have a daughter, Niki, and a plethora of cats. Diane is always committed to what she’s involved in and TreeHouse is proud to have her committed to the team.


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