Jim McGrath Jr.

Jim McGrath, Jr. arrived in Northwest Arkansas from Akron, Ohio. There he attended Firestone High School and received his undergrad degree from the University of Akron. Jim then went on to receive his MBA from Ohio State University. He then moved south to begin a career with Walmart.

Jim had a successful run with Walmart and Sam’s Club from September 1988 to June 2017. During his time there in operations and merchandising, he was designated by France as a top cheese professional in the United States earning the title of a Guilde de Fromage Cheese Ambassador. In June of 2017, Jim joined TreeHouse and plans to use his experiences to be a productive sales person for years to come.

Jim stays very committed to his family and involved with his church. He, along with his wife Cara, teach small groups together and enjoy travelling. Jim and Cara have two children, Tiernan and Lauren. Tiernan and his wife, Jordan, live locally and Lauren lives in Washington DC where she is currently student teaching. When he’s not in the company of others, learning and reading are two things Jim is passionate about, specifically bible education. And like a good husband, Jim is a big fan of his wife’s cooking.


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