TreeHouse Sales & Solutions is a team of people with an extensive knowledge of Walmart’s and Sam’s Club’s inner workings, what it takes to be successful at Walmart & Sam’s, what replenishment’s needs are in numerous product categories, how to communicate scorecard and other Walmart specific data, how to complete detailed Walmart & Sam’s many forms for information and more importantly how their clients can be more successful in selling to Walmart and/or Sam’s Club.

National Sales Manager

Company A

 TreeHouse has served as a tremendous resource for us in providing insights, feedback and recommendations, and data that has allowed us to grow at double digit rates with our largest retailer. Most importantly, Nathan has guided us to improve service levels, in-stocks and address day to day issues that surface with little fanfare and a “just get it done” orientation (just doing what is right to enhance sales and profitability). His no nonsense approach is what I respect the most and he delivers, in advance, recommendations to improve our performance with no drama (no excuses, just get it done). Identifying customer insights and recommending solutions are two of the most important and difficult things we do day to day—in this area, TreeHouse shines and deserves 10 stars. You have made US better!!! Your focus to make a difference is appreciated and respected. I like working with an organization that is hungry, and you are tenacious. Thank you, TreeHouse team.

National Sales Manager

Company C

As a newly founded company, we had minimal experience working with Walmart and Sam’s Club, and to have the staff at TreeHouse guiding us through multiple stages of the onboarding process has been so reassuring to our team.  We would not hesitate to recommend their services to others with similar needs.


Company B

I had the personal and professional pleasure to work with Paul when he was a buyer at Wal-Mart. Since leaving Wal-Mart, he has assembled a small but impressive team dedicated to solving real problems and to opening doors of opportunity for suppliers of great products. He and his team develop an authentic and personal connection with clients.  Simply said, Paul and the TreeHouse Team are first-class.

Doug Degn

Walmart Executive VP, Retired

Five years ago, I had a very important decision to make regarding which Sales Partner we would use to support and build our Walmart and Sam’s business.  I chose the TreeHouse Sales & Solutions team and it was the BEST decision I could have ever made for our brand.  Over the past 5 years, the TreeHouse team has helped grow our Walmart and Sam’s business an incremental $45M (+300%).  They are a “team” of experts in Replenishment, Supply Chain, Transportation and HQ Selling.  Based on their expertise and knowledge base, they are fully integrated into all levels of our company.  If you are looking for a “team” of experts to help manage your business and do it with professionalism and integrity, I can wholeheartedly recommend TreeHouse Sales & Solutions.

Director of Sales

Company D


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