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TreeHouse Sales & Solutions Corporate Mission Statement

The TreeHouse Sales & Solutions team is made up of ordinary people who are passionate about using their expertise & experiences to accomplish extraordinary things for both client & customer!

We provide retail consultation and representation for you to the Walmart and Sam’s Club markets both domestically & internationally.

Business Development

  • Many of our clients are already doing business with Walmart &/or Sam’s Club.  The Treehouse (THSS) team will work to improve the volume/efficiencies of the Client’s current business

New Business Development

  • The THSS team will review the Client’s capabilities and work to determine new products & new departments that the client can add to their portfolio as New Business at Walmart/Sam’s Club.

Product Sales

The THSS Team will support our Clients in sales representation (in store/club & online).

Supply Chain/Logistics

  • The THSS Team understands the Walmart/Sam’s Club replenishment systems from the years of INFOREM to the current GRS System.
  • Forecasting, Seasonality, Lead-time, SSO’s,
  • We have a deep understanding of all Replenishment Networks;  HVDC, RDC, Assembly, Warehouse, McLane, Coremark, Walmart.com, Sam’s Club.com, etc….

Business Analysis/Reporting

  • Assist Clients with a deep understanding of reporting, reports available, and the analyzing of this data.

Accounting Support

  • Assist Clients with questions & issues they may experience in the areas of Accounts Payable/Receivable, Deductions, & Paybacks.

Product Marketing

  • The THSS Team has a vast understanding & experience in the ever-changing variety of product & category Marketing options available at both Walmart & Sam’s Club.


    • The THSS Team can provide custom training sessions for associates in our Client’s corporate Home Office.  We have done multiphase training sessions that aid in the development of the associate as they grow in their responsibilities on the Walmart/Sam’s Club business. 

Product Development

  • The THSS Team has extensive New Product Development experiences, from Concept to Shelf & everything in between.
  • New Item set up forms
  • Online Item Set-Up & Web Content

Private Label Management

  • Bid Process
  • Private Label On-boarding
  • Supplier Information Form (SIF) – Die Lines, Ingredient Specs, Symbols, etc…
  • Supplier Factory Profile
  • Packaging Intake Form

Supplier Support

  • Online Supplier Agreement
  • Item Creation/Maintenance
  • Demos Setup


  • Clear understanding of both Walmart & Sam’s Club Sustainability initiatives.

Annual Business Planning (ABP) Preparation

  • Assist in the development & completion of the ABP template.

Joint Business Planning Development

  • Assist in Client based JBP’s.

*Domestic and Internationally at Walmart & Sam’s Club


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